The master plan sets the context for existing development and proposed the base for the proposed design and layout and aspirations for the site. The masterplan also set out a list of objectives which new development should meet, as listed below:

• To meet the needs of the town, whilst respecting and enhancing the site’s environmental assets.

• To build upon and appropriately integrate with the existing infrastructure and facilities within Hadleigh and provide suitable access and transport connections.

• To respect the existing character of the site while creating new distinctive places.

• To successfully ensure high levels of connectivity and permeability throughout the site and maximise opportunities for sustainable modes of transport.

• To deliver new family homes on the settlement edge of Hadleigh which provides for an appropriate transition between Hadleigh and the rural landscape beyond.

• To provide a range of house types and tenures to meet local needs and create attractive, landscape-led development with high-quality open spaces and recreational routes

• Engagement with all stakeholders and promoting a new residential area which complements the existing residential area of Weavers Meadow.