The master plan sets out the context for existing and proposed the base for the proposed design, layout and aspirations for the site. The existing design and layout of the sites to the North (Weavers Meadow and Phase 1 -Employment site with residential below) has shaped the design and layout of the proposed residential development, open space, highways and landscaping.

Our vision for the site will incorporate the following points bellow into the design and layout for the site:

• To provide a total of 250 new homes to meet housing needs, including a mix of 1-5 bedroom houses with 88 affordable dwellings across the site.

•To carry forward the key themes, character areas and high standard of design and layout taken from Weavers Meadow development and Phase 1 – Employment with residential below.

•Use a high quality mixed pallete of materials– taking reference form the local vernacular, with a range of house types and a mix of tenure throughout the site. The site would integrate well into the existing built form in relation to scale, height and massing and would respond to existing site topography including views into and out of the site.

•Areas of public open space including pitches and a site for a pre-school nursery, would be provided. Landscape buffers and details provided and improved opportunities for biodiversity. Existing public rights of way would remain unaffected by the proposed development and pedestrian links improved throughout the site.

•Provide high quality SUDS features – including attenuation basins (water that goes back into the water table) and SWALE’S (generally a channel with sloping sides) features.

•.To support local services and businesses and create jobs throughout the construction process.

•To provide the main vehicular access into the proposed site off of Ellen Aldous Avenue (Phase 2) from the north and provide easy access into the town centre.

•To successfully incorporate employment uses adjacent to existing and proposed residential properties.